Xero-based Bill Automation App Stack: typical use cases and implementation scenarios

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Do you know what a typical Xero-based bill automation app stack looks like and how it works?

Are you interested in learning from common use cases and implementation scenarios of bill automation apps so that you can provide innovative and comprehensive app advisory services to your clients?

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Following Xero’s Cash Flow App Advisory Playbook, we will be taking a deeper dive into the capabilities of a bill automation app stack and the benefits they bring.

A particular focus will be laid on approval workflows and end-to-end automation scenarios, including OCR integration, as well as other methods of receiving Bills such as Xero's latest "Email to Bill" function".

Finally, we will outline general templates for an efficient approval workflow process and its configuration, derived from the many implementations our product team has performed.

The technology overview will be led by Konstantin Bredyuk, Director of Product at ApprovalMax.

With roots in business process management and optimisation software development, Konstantin has undertaken hundreds of product implementations for ApprovalMax clients worldwide.

Konstantin has consulted multiple organisations with profiles ranging from SMBs to governments and industry tycoons. His unique industry knowledge from both the finance and technology perspective delivers first-class expertise.

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